Cool Urban Rooftops

If you want some inspiration on some eye-popping, amazingly awesome urban rooftops, check out the 11 profiled recently on Web Urbanist. The top image is a LoftCube: an all-in-one dwelling designed to be easily dropped into place on a rooftop via a crane. This modern design lets in plenty of natural light and would look perfect atop a tall building.

When more living space is needed in urban cities where every last square foot of land is spoken for, there’s literally nowhere to go but up. Luckily, flat city rooftops offer the ideal space for creative lofts, pods and unusual additions, whether temporary or permanent, prefabricated or carefully custom-designed to fit in with older surrounding architecture. These 11 rooftop additions & expansions make a sharp juxtaposition perched atop museums, Victorian warehouses and metropolitan skyscrapers.

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